Sunday, March 14, 2010

ERROCA Eyeware

What can you say when this Israeli sun glass company produces this tasteless ad?? What is the message? What are they trying to convey to their customers? Do their customers understand this message? Do they care?

Nothing in it really surprises me. Green issues carry far less weight in Israel than in other developed and developing countries. The "Matzav" (Situation), the Israeli - Palestinian/Arab/rest of the world/anyone who is not Jewish, conflict has always been the key argument against doing anything that can improve the standard of living of Israelis. Thus environment is very far on the agenda of Israelis as is consumer protection, education, social network etc. This is also very convenient for successive Israeli governments who keep instilling an existential fear in their citizens. Sadly, FDR's quote: "the only thing to fear is fear itself", is not taught in Israeli schools.


  1. Are'nt we putting to much in to it? is a tasteless creative choice stands for all other good/green/smart choices we make?

  2. Erez - do you think that green issues carry the same weight as in the rest of the world? Without discussing the ad itself, i do think one of the tools that the Government uses is to keep fear at a "good" hightened level thus keeping the people's mind off bettering their standard of living and demanding actions from their government. Instead, the "matzav" is always an excuse for not doing.

    We can argue if the ad is tasteless or not but I do strongly believe that the Israeli people are subdued into total inaction, paranoia and objectively unjustifiable existential fears.